Services - Making print work for you

The added value service we give to our Clients' is clearly measureable on their repeat business. We provide this in a number of ways: 

  • Strategic buying (Marketing communications) working towards saving money on your design and print projects. We have saved our customers a considerable amount of time and money with our effective buying power.
  • Colour management (implementing of colour management). I have improved the quality of printing projects and made efficiencies in time and money with the implementation of the ISO12647 processes within a large client's departments.
  • Paper type and quality (Understanding their accreditations and uses) we have over 14 years experience of buying paper and the partnerships with paper merchants in order to offer my client the solutions they required for their organisation. One example is looking at uncoated and coated papers and how they react with ink for lithographic and digital printing.
  • Ink on paper is not an easy science, different machinery can produce very different results and depending on the how you visualise your end product will dictate the type of machinery required to achieve it.  It will also depend on the run length, substrate used and quantities required. Knowing who has what type of machinery is key to achieving the success required and the successful outcome.

Elaine Pooke, Operations and Marketing Director

  • A reduction in production costs, supervising the retouching of images and Press Passing Management has been a speciality of our Company.  We ensured the image size and quality is used in the correct position and making decisions on press which could change the desired outcome to our client's wishes is key.  The management of projects with printers requires expertise and knowledge i.e. talking their language, being confident, and technically skilled to make the right decisions for our Clients.